here~~THE p.o.t.A.t.o.e.s can Speak OuT
SweEt+DELious+HeAlthy but be carefuLL, it can be DaNgerouS too!!!


Had been very the busy as final year student this semester, I have so little time to write about on the blog.But as it is 3-days holiday weekend this week, I ask myself to scribble something here and here it is~~~

It would be a long long day today as  me intend to wake up at 430 in the morning…(not even subh prayer yet), take an early train as 533am heading to sannomiya with japanese friend (AKICHAN), will wait for the shop (UNIQLO 60th annivesary) to open at 6am and hope will be the earliest 200 person to get the sale coupons for certain remarkable items…(kalau dpt lah hehe)..yosh!!! ..and I am aiming for the 10yen socks since I’m not so into uniqlo and obvoiusly money no enough…haha..but please control the other temptation wannur..=P

YES I am truely over excited to get there by 6 am and get free bun indeed..haha…think that all the price-down /sales garments fall into second place compare to  the most momentous thrill which I can say here  is the experience….hehe….poyo je bunyi…

Then afterward, will direct to KYOTO for sightseeing of maple trees with the lovelies….have a nice weekend everyone!!!

p/s : tetiba plak tulis blog kan…lepas gian..hehe

JUst an  info for those who does not has any idea where uniqlo got the name…UNIQLO stands for UNIQue cLOthes….tenQ..daaa~~


Cuba eja nama anda. Kemudian lihat siapa anda jika mengikut firasat di bawah ini:
A – anda boleh jadi terlalu pendiam bila sesuatu ada dalam fikiran anda.
B – anda selalu berwaspada bila bertemu kenalan baru.
C – anda ada kelebihan, jangan malu mempamerkannya.
D – anda ada masalah dalam mempercayai orang lain.
E – anda sentiasa seorang yang exited (ghairah).
F – semua orang menyayangi anda.
G – anda ada cara sendiri untuk menilai manusia.
H – anda bukan seorang judgmental, kurang otak keadilan.
I – anda mudah senyum dan boleh membuat orang lain senyum.
J – anda seorang yang cemburu.
K – anda suka mencuba perkara-perkara baru.
L – anda sangat percaya dengan cinta dan mudah tenggelam ke dalamnya.
M – kejayaan mudah datang kepada anda.
N – anda suka bekerja, tapi selalu mahukan kerehatan.
O – anda seorang yang berfikiran terbuka.
P – anda seorang yang mudah berkawan dan mudah memahami.
Q – anda seorang hipokrit.
R – anda seorang yang gemar social.
S – anda sangat broad-minded (fikiran terbuka).
T – anda ada sikap canggih, amat canggih.
U – anda merasakan anda ada ciri-ciri istimewa setanding dengan orang lain.
V – fizikal anda baik sekali.
W – anda suka menyendiri.
X – anda tak akan benarkan orang bagitahu apa yang patut anda buat.
Y – anda selalu penyebab pada banyak masalah.
Z – anda selalu bergaduh dengan seseorang.

Tak semestinya betul, harus salah. Sekadar suka-suka dan mungkin panduan untuk mengenali diri sendiri dan juga orang lain. Ikut pemerhatian saya selalunya ada kena mengena dan betul. Jika betul itu kebetulan, jika salah itu juga kebetulan. Yang betul dan baik rangsang terus, yang salah dan tak baik gantikan dengan yang baik atau hapus terus.
– Dr. Hm Tuah Iskandar Al-Haj –

Mari kita lihat apa yang kenaaaaaaa…..hehe


W – anda suka menyendiri.

A – anda boleh jd terlalu pendiam bila sesuatu ada dlm fikiran anda. ( A x 3)

N – anda suka bekerja, tapi selalu mahukan kerehatan. ( N x 3)

U – anda merasakan anda ada ciri-ciri istimewa setanding dengan orang lain.

R – anda seorang yang gemar social.

F – semua orang menyayangi anda.

D – anda ada masalah dalam mempercayai orang lain.

Z – anda selalu bergaduh dengan seseorang.

L – anda sangat percaya dengan cinta dan mudah tenggelam ke dalamnya.

I – anda mudah senyum dan boleh membuat orang lain senyum.

Banyak juga yang kena dan ada juga yang pelik…contohnya===> W-anda suka menyendiri, R-anda suka bersosial…yang mana satu sebenarnya nih? mungkin kah ‘A – anda boleh jadi terlalu pendiam bila sesuatu ada dalam fikiran anda’ adalah jawapan yang tepat????

Hmmmm….susah untuk dipercayai, susah juga untuk disangkal….tetapi kesimpulan yang saya boleh buat disini ialah~~~~~~

Sapa yang mempunyai nama pnjg bnyk lah yang kena…yang nama pendek2 tu kena sikit aje lah….(kemungkinan tak kena langsung)..hehehe…

Jangan marah…kalau ada masa cuba lah check makna ejaan pada nama anda….=) Senyum2 sokmo!!!


1st of August==>My bestfriend’s wedding… She’s going to change the status from single to married or (cik into Pn) in a few hour from now…And I’m still here just woke up from sleep feel so terrible that I can’t be there with them..sob sob sob…

One of my best friends from junior high school, SMKA Nibong Tebal,Penang -Siti Fatimah bt Shaik Hussain is the only friend that still remain as one of my best friends since I met her from standard 5 (11years old) at one of the motivation camping…Not just that, the fate also bring us to meet again at Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas a year after thus she’s become my BFF after we met for the third time at SMKA Nibong Tebal…After 12 years together hopefully she will still could be my Best Friend for ever.

Siti-as we called her, is my best partner ever as she was the WA(wing attacker) and I was the GA(goal attacker) for our netball team…Not to forget my other best Friend Syazrina=B-rok was The GS (goal shooter) and Norha as the GD (goal diffender) which had proved people we were the best netball team in Penang 8-9years back then..

Moreover, she is the first one who set up the decision ready to become a wife to her bf (siti’s colleague) whose I dont really know him inside-out in this not very old..not very young ages (23) …hehe

Enough said, I feel so bad right now since today is the friendship day and I couldn’t be there at my BFF’s wedding though..just need to wait until the pictures are uploaded on facebook …when? I dont have any ideas…kawan2 ku cpt2 lah anda upload piccas itu ya!!!..huhu

p/s : I have a lot of bestfriends for each school/place I’ve been in….And the pic below are my bestfriends from SMKANT during last year HARI RAYA  AidilFitri reunion @my place……DSC_0083

From left : Noni Hartika, Nurul Syuhada, Norha, Syazrina, Wan Nur Fadzlina, Siti fatimah, Fatin Izny

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY DEAR ALL MY FRIENDS >>>>>I’m nothing without all of you…..hugs and kisses….

p/s, I LOVE You


My bestfriend just persuaded me to take the time ‘layan’ing this song……Well, when the fate said she’s your best friend, she’ll automatically know that something goes wrong somewhere with you without any story telling or what not…hehehe…And So does K-run….TenQ dear…i love youu & miss you soo much!!! This song really makes me feel much2 better after having some self-uncontrol-passion this evening… skang dh ok….

Anyway, enjoy the lyrics and music……Just can’t get enough keep playing the song like 100 times…hehehe…..THE SHOW by Lenka

p/s:Got 790yen ZARA pump shoes yesterday…retail price before discount-3990 yen…wiiiiuuu~~~~~~:-)


heyoooo everydobiii……It’s been a while (lama giler) I’ve been escaping myself from writing/adding new(some) entries into the blog….I was too busy (yet also going to be busy afterwards) & malas to persue myself writing down some ‘articles’ though many of friends keep asking me about ‘bila nak update blog kamuuu….dah berhabuk…bersarang labah2 dh niii’…hehe…seem like I owe them all those encouragements/’annoying question’ soo much..haha…here…is the beginning point of blogger-self reformation to make/keep going thepotatoes breathe again…

Well, I guess everybody needs to know the answer WHY I’ve been so busy lately…

First, It’s all about my lab…Have been attached with this one Laboratory so-called MatsuYama Kenkyuu which kenkyuu mean ‘research’ and Matsuyama is our Prof’s surname. Everybody knows that when it comes with Chemical Engineering, ‘Chemical in major’ , it would definitely effected your time with all the labs’ works and stuffs…And I’ve been given a research titled ‘PREPARATION OF POLYMER BLEND HOLLOW FIBER MEMBRANE via THERMALLY INDUCED PHASE SEPARATION’….Fine……Anyone couldn’t understand what kind of research that I’m doing right now unless you are/was in the material process field…To be clear/easy to understand…I’m now preparing such of membranes which use inside the Water Purifier/Filter to distil damaged water become hygienic water..(benda putih2 dlm penyuling air tu).The membranes are investigated towards searching/finding the best and the lowest preparation cost in order to make the cut cost water purifier/filter for commercialization.So for that reason at least I need to be in the lab from 10am-7pm(core time) to be actual though some of time I follow my pace to back for home earlier when my ‘head brain’ is not working anymore.

Enough talking about lab and research..(dah mual dh ni)….Yet it would require for more space and time to explain on the subject of Laboratory.

I’m now letting myself to go to the nearest Fitness Centre which provided Gymnasium, Swimming Pool & 2 Studios.I’ve starting this at least-3/4 times-weekly-routine during the early April after school. As much as I’m dyingly loveeee swimming, I spend at least 2 hours there, 1 hour in the Gym and another 1 hour in the pool perphaps I’m hoping/need for more hours in the pool though..Like people always said Gym is one of the best theraphy for the oneself-body after all the strains and stresses during the whole day long.Think I’m not ruining the money for the thing that surely can make me feel so blissful and now I’m feeling like there’s no more gendut2/boyot2 here & there ..hehe

Think I’d better stop bebel-ing here (toothache again) and Hopefully I have much2 time to write again indeed!!! See ya…..(sendiri pon tak tau apa dh ditulis)

p/s : I’ve added new links to my page including friends and family’s..feel free to hop to them….(Kak Nisa-my SIL,K-run-best buddy,AizatKamal-my cousion,Izza Specky,Kak YANA-Bobby’s sista,Nadia-doblenadia + afiqah aisyah-junior)