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Archive for August 2008

Time Has Come

August 14, 2008

Hahahahahaha…I’m not dying or wutever….But~~~~the time I’d been waiting before has come……Taraaaaaaaaa ——-> I’M GOING HOME TOMORROWWW!!!!!!!!! Almost finished packing my bags and now I’m going to settle out my messy room and doing some house works as my housemate and I are going to leave our house for about 53 days and 51 nights….hihihihi… […]

Blood Type : Part 2

August 13, 2008

Japanese’s Studies Blood Type Personality Chart Type A Best Traits: Earnest, creative, sensible, calm. Worst Traits: Fastidious, overearnest. Type B Best Traits: Wild, a doer, cheerful. Worst Traits: Selfish, irresponsible, arrogant. Type AB Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Worst Traits: Critical, indecisive. Type O Best Traits: Agreeable, sociable, an optimist Worst Traits: Vain, careless, ruthless […]


August 12, 2008

The Japanese word’s HANABI means fireworks in ENGLISH. But I will say HANABI is actually translated as fire-flower which HANA is flower and BI is fire…So how come it became fireworks I also don’t know…hihi… Owh…. I got it!!! When they ‘bomb’ and explode the device which containing the ‘burning’ powder in it, the sparkling […]

The Gifts To Remember

August 8, 2008

Sorry if this entry sounds a little bit messy, sentimental and quiet long or wut so eva you wanna call it.Actually, I was never any good at putting things into words and describing perfectly how they are but since I have my own blog so mean that I have to put the force on myself […]


August 7, 2008

Alhamdulillah..The Hellish and Hectic weeks are now over!!!! Starting from now I can enjoy my summer holidays without messing my head around reading the school subject books anymore…yuhooooo…..however…it’s too badddd~~~~~~ as my name is listed under the HIT list for a re-sit exam which will be held on 2nd September…..hikhikhik… But do I need to […]