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The Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was momS birthday…


My sister, younger bro and I wanted to give her some surprise la konon-kononnye….and This is the story…

It happened on the day before momS birthday, my cousinS children came and stayed a nite at our house just to fullfil their weekend to play the PS2. So, while there were a little big number of people at our house that day (about 9 people..usual-4), my sister suggested to make a surprise for mom even that was one day before her real birthday…

We told mom that we wanted to go to bazar Ramadhan which sounded weird to her because that job is my lil broS job but actually we went to secret recipe….( We used to go to the bazar while our lil bro was in KL for an interview last week..itu pon sbb mak yang suruh..kuang3)

While Mom was cooking at the kitchen and I was ready holding the cake my sis said “mak…mai sat…ada org mai jual barang…” During that time I was like…%#*&%&(*Q^..

Ya Allah..Kakak..kenapa bgtau ada org jual barang..mak mmg pantang org datang jual barang…I knew that can only made my mom angry plus “THE SALESMAN” came during she was busy cooking at the kitchen…Mom refused and always said, habaq kat dia mak dah ada barang tuuuu….SOooooo…….OUr surprise didnt work there…Actually we wanted mom to come in front from the kitchen and see the cake but my sis spoiled everything. Lastly 9 of us brought the whole cake into our SEMPIT kitchen and sang the birthday song at the kitchen laahhh…adehhhhh…We ate the cake after the buka puasa time looo….

And you know wut…we bought the cake using momS money coz we didnt have any Ringgit that time..only Japanese YEN…hihihi….SORRY mak….nnt kami ganti balik naaaa….we LOVE youu!!!!

P/S: THe chocolate Indulgance caKe from secret recipe was very yummy…FANTASTIC!!!!! like the icecream..






2 Responses to “The Birthday Surprise”

  1. fadikkkk.
    hampa sedih dak dah balik? hihi
    xpaa..lagi 2 bulan jumpak naaaa 😀 kami ada byk gambaq suya utk makyang. nnt kami upload :p

  2. mau x sedih….huhuhu tp nak tggu 2 bulan lbh tu yang seksa…hihihi

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