here~~THE p.o.t.A.t.o.e.s can Speak OuT
SweEt+DELious+HeAlthy but be carefuLL, it can be DaNgerouS too!!!

The Two Years Wedding 2 : Precious Moment of Solemnization

27 DIS 2008

HAHAHA…maybe the content is not as ‘Precious’ as the title but enjoy je lah kay…=)

Started our day at about 6 am early in the morning…. Took turn to go shower, performed SUBUH prayer, got ourselves ready thus geared up to Masjid Putra, Putrajaya after checking ourselves & all the hantarans carefully had been lifted up into the cars. Actually, everybody were supposed to come and had breakfast at AYAH & IBU’s place that morning but we could only make the ‘nasi lemak and Teh tarik’ yang sedap itu as our LUNCH at The Masjid. =P

BTW, 8 45 a.m all the 10 cars (if I’m not mistaken lah) together with The Groom and also not to forget our professional fully dedicated photographer, ABANG BLACK arrived Putrajaya. All the family members assembled in front of the mosque waiting for the BRIDE’s family to come into the sight. AT this point, I was wondering how the BRIDE & GROOM controlled themselves while many butterflies moving and singing happily inside the stomachs went something like this==èI LIKE TO MOvE IT MOvE IT …..=D

And Alhamdulillah, surrounded by all the strength absorbed from the family members behind, Abang and Kak Nisa finally declared as JUST MARRIED immediately after abang uttered the precious words of AKAD only for just the once reassured everybody there like fuhhhhh….SAH…SAH…Alhamdulillah..hehehe..Yet…a million CONGRATULATION for both of you from your sister here!!!!


TOOK TOOK photo time lah……hihihihi

I’m lacked of idea for the time being…you all talk to the pictures la eh…..Btw, the picture uploaded below is my favorite one…and I don’t feel like combining the pictures and reading entry together (mcm semak je kan),so others can be viewed on the page of-At Masjid Putra, Putrajaya on right column ….HAPPY ‘talking’ ya!!!! Daaaa~~~~~

The KING & The QUeen of the day

Spreading the LOVE & HAPPINESS to the cameras


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