here~~THE p.o.t.A.t.o.e.s can Speak OuT
SweEt+DELious+HeAlthy but be carefuLL, it can be DaNgerouS too!!!

Unique Clothes

Had been very the busy as final year student this semester, I have so little time to write about on the blog.But as it is 3-days holiday weekend this week, I ask myself to scribble something here and here it is~~~

It would be a long long day today as  me intend to wake up at 430 in the morning…(not even subh prayer yet), take an early train as 533am heading to sannomiya with japanese friend (AKICHAN), will wait for the shop (UNIQLO 60th annivesary) to open at 6am and hope will be the earliest 200 person to get the sale coupons for certain remarkable items…(kalau dpt lah hehe)..yosh!!! ..and I am aiming for the 10yen socks since I’m not so into uniqlo and obvoiusly money no enough…haha..but please control the other temptation wannur..=P

YES I am truely over excited to get there by 6 am and get free bun indeed..haha…think that all the price-down /sales garments fall into second place compare to  the most momentous thrill which I can say here  is the experience….hehe….poyo je bunyi…

Then afterward, will direct to KYOTO for sightseeing of maple trees with the lovelies….have a nice weekend everyone!!!

p/s : tetiba plak tulis blog kan…lepas gian..hehe

JUst an  info for those who does not has any idea where uniqlo got the name…UNIQLO stands for UNIQue cLOthes….tenQ..daaa~~


3 Responses to “Unique Clothes”

  1. Perghh…sanggup tu

  2. hehe..semangat kannnn….

  3. nak uniqlo! belikan!

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