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I need time……

January 27, 2009

I was thinking to get & really need a break for blogging one/two weeks maybe…..Tried hard to write something here but the idea is just stucked in there doesn’t want to come out….huahuahuahua….Yup…I need a break…..Also Got 2 Papers for final exam starting this Thursday….. PLUS>>>>>>I felt really bengang these days coz Someone now is […]


November 19, 2008

LOOKING forward to finish up the Chukan (mid term) paper through satisfaction tomorrow…But as usual, I got sick few days before whenever the exam started. Haven’t set up the revision even ‘belek-belek’ the book yet…. Tonighttttttttt….gambaranai to~~~~~~YABASU!!!!! DAAAA~~~~~~~(KALUT……)


July 31, 2008

Dear bloggy, I actually have nothing to write about at the moment but just want to tell that I’ve just finished the third-to-last paper this morning… yeAy~~~not the ‘yeHoooo’ yet, I tell U what….bcoz yehoooo is the word I often applied only when all the papers finished…hehe.. btw, when someone is going to ask me […]

The battle start-o~~~

July 27, 2008

July 28 (Monday) 機器分析  Instrumental Analysis July 30 (Wednesday) プロセスシステム工学  Process Systems Engineering 化学反応工学  Chemical Reaction Engineering July 31 (Thursday) 分離化学工学  Separation Chemical Engineering August 4 (Monday) 生化学工学 Biochemistry Engineering August 7 (Thursday) 物化学演習 IIb Physics-Chemistry Practice II b I’ll sit 6 papers for this semester starting from tomorrow.The numbers are the smallest one compare with the papers I’d […]