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Quick Update =P

May 25, 2009

heyoooo everydobiii……It’s been a while (lama giler) I’ve been escaping myself from writing/adding new(some) entries into the blog….I was too busy (yet also going to be busy afterwards) & malas to persue myself writing down some ‘articles’ though many of friends keep asking me about ‘bila nak update blog kamuuu….dah berhabuk…bersarang labah2 dh niii’…hehe…seem like […]


August 6, 2008

Tadaaa~~~my new set..hihi..tgh-tgh exam ni pon sempat lagi..hihi..boring ar bljr…huahuahua Anyway,that absolutely adorable Fendi’s bag really caught my eyes and it is a canvas coated crossword bag with the sweet color combination of fuchsia and purple….I’ve really wanted to own it at first but changed my mind once I checked the price and got a […]

The PurpLe Parade

July 3, 2008

Lately, I’ve been crazy/obssessed to the Things around Me which Are purple+black+white…Please try this (just click to the image) at least a set and I’m very sure that you can create something better…you won’t be regret…trust me!!!!