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January 18, 2009

Okeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. I still owe u all the wedding piccas. After about one month not doing the job of blogging I couldn’t manage to get the brain & the hands work to put the writing for this blog…PLUS, still having the self-crisis that so called HOMESICK…..=P ……And soooooooo lazy to update the blog…suwiiii However, here they […]


December 3, 2008

YEAY!!!! We (me n the housemate, Izzah) AKHIRnya managed to throw away 2 big plastic bags containing the jam-packed of unwanted bottles yesterday!!! (gumbira sgt2)….hahaha…legaaaaaaaaaaaa And perhaps no one else could feel this kind of satisfaction as we have successfully ‘syhhuh’ed away all the useless bottles from the house after have been keeping them for […]

What A small World~~~

November 13, 2008

My mom just called and informed me this quite a shocked and funny story for me, “Adik…kak nisa (my future sis-in-law) called mak td…bla..bla..bla…” (Kak nisa was going to perform her-wanna-take-leave-letter to her new Boss for her wedding next month) “Boss dia tanya banyak-banyak soalan…” Such as Kenapa baru skang nak mintak???? hmm..tak boleh tangguh […]

Well~~~I live in an IGLOO

November 12, 2008

During this period…(2, 3 weeks before approaching the winter season), the weather has changed such unpredictably. Sometime the weather’s hot, without a breath of wind though, sometime the coldness kills us deep inside straight to the bone. BTW, while other people (the Kobeis especially) claimed that they still using fans in their room, I’ve started […]


November 6, 2008

I’m the first one who did post a new entry…( betting with Norq and Aisha who are going to post the entry first) Last week, during the 3 renkyuu (3 days holiday) I’ve decided to spend all the time (intended to go there from last year) at Norq’s Place with Aisha oso came to visit […]