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Unique Clothes

November 21, 2009

Had been very the busy as final year student this semester, I have so little time to write about on the blog.But as it is 3-days holiday weekend this week, I ask myself to scribble something here and here it is~~~ It would be a long long day today as  me intend to wake up […]

Makna Ejaan pada Nama

August 4, 2009

Cuba eja nama anda. Kemudian lihat siapa anda jika mengikut firasat di bawah ini: A – anda boleh jadi terlalu pendiam bila sesuatu ada dalam fikiran anda. B – anda selalu berwaspada bila bertemu kenalan baru. C – anda ada kelebihan, jangan malu mempamerkannya. D – anda ada masalah dalam mempercayai orang lain. E – […]

MY best Friend’s wedding~~

August 1, 2009

1st of August==>My bestfriend’s wedding… She’s going to change the status from single to married or (cik into Pn) in a few hour from now…And I’m still here just woke up from sleep feel so terrible that I can’t be there with them..sob sob sob… One of my best friends from junior high school, SMKA […]

Just can’t get enough….

July 20, 2009

My bestfriend just persuaded me to take the time ‘layan’ing this song……Well, when the fate said she’s your best friend, she’ll automatically know that something goes wrong somewhere with you without any story telling or what not…hehehe…And So does K-run….TenQ dear…i love youu & miss you soo much!!! This song really makes me feel much2 […]

Quick Update =P

May 25, 2009

heyoooo everydobiii……It’s been a while (lama giler) I’ve been escaping myself from writing/adding new(some) entries into the blog….I was too busy (yet also going to be busy afterwards) & malas to persue myself writing down some ‘articles’ though many of friends keep asking me about ‘bila nak update blog kamuuu….dah berhabuk…bersarang labah2 dh niii’…hehe…seem like […]