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Blood Type : Part 2

August 13, 2008

Japanese’s Studies Blood Type Personality Chart Type A Best Traits: Earnest, creative, sensible, calm. Worst Traits: Fastidious, overearnest. Type B Best Traits: Wild, a doer, cheerful. Worst Traits: Selfish, irresponsible, arrogant. Type AB Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Worst Traits: Critical, indecisive. Type O Best Traits: Agreeable, sociable, an optimist Worst Traits: Vain, careless, ruthless […]


July 24, 2008

I’ve read an article from a blog that attracted me about HUMAN BIRTH CHARACTER. It is a research made by Dato’ Dr Fadzillah Kamsah that said human characters are related to the month they were born in. For me, this is just something certainly sounded believable as it is a 25 years-research. I was born […]