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October 17, 2008

Sometimes, I can’t stop myself thinking about wanna-quit-studying-in-JAPAN stuff at this instant…. But when considering about the 3 years I’ve been survived here and only have a year more to go, thus stop thinking about that anymore. Sometimes, I did think myself such a useless,loser,worthless when I realized that my focus on studying is nowhere […]

Shirahama..Here I come!!!!

July 16, 2008

Now, it’s time for me to pack up my bag as tomorrow, I’m going away from Kobe to Shirahama with my Japanese friends. I’m so excited I don’t know why…maybe after all of the hectic 3 months non-stop lab have finished….finally!!!! We’ve just finished our long-long ‘frantic’ experiments for this semester last week. And maybe […]

CROCS and me =)

July 13, 2008

Yesterday I’ve just bought new shoes and a bag from CROCS~~~~ I’m HAPPY!!!! since I really wanted to buy them 2 months ago. I always failed to wear the high-heel shoes even only with the 1 inch-heels bcos of the bad shape of my feet (tapak kaki yang bentuknya sangat melengkung) and often limped in […]

Bee-zzz Me!!!

July 9, 2008

I’ve just been busy for these couple of weeks as I have too many reports to settle down in a short period of time and also the part-time job dancing SHOWs to attend.Not just the weekly Sensei’s (lecturer) reports, Lab reports~~~but the secretary reports as well…Fuh!!! But now the secretary reports DOWN and the others […]