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Well~~~I live in an IGLOO

November 12, 2008

During this period…(2, 3 weeks before approaching the winter season), the weather has changed such unpredictably. Sometime the weather’s hot, without a breath of wind though, sometime the coldness kills us deep inside straight to the bone. BTW, while other people (the Kobeis especially) claimed that they still using fans in their room, I’ve started […]

Panas nyerrrr ini hari!!!!

July 20, 2008

I think today is the hottest day of this week,37℃…can you imagine that…(Rasa smpi nk terkukus diri sendiri dalam bilik ni jadi kek kukus)… Wanna go home!!!! Wanna go back to malaysia!!!!Cant stand anymore here…. Sepanas-panas kat Malaysia at least xdelah smpi sepanjang hari panas…kat jepon ni, angin pun xde,dari pagi smpi lah ke malam […]